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Learning to coach

Developing coaching skills

Before you can make effective use of coaching in your context you need to develop some basic coaching skills. You will find a lot of background information in the pages of this Toolkit but we have also developed a series of free, online resources which can be used for self study or incorporated into a training programme, as well as a resource pack for face-to-face introductory workshops.


A short course on coaching

It is neither practical nor necessary for all staff, who wish to use coaching principles and techniques with their students, to undertake extensive coaching training. However it is necessary for staff to understand the key principles and have the opportunity to practice and develop core skills. We have designed a mini coaching course, called Changing the Conversation, to address this need. The materials and structure of this course can be found here: A short course on coaching


A self study guide on learning to coach

Ideally you should join in with a course or group if only to get practice in using coaching techniques. However, if this is not available to you and you want to explore the basic principles of coaching on your own, we have put together a set of resources to get you started. You can follow this programme here: A self study guide on learning to coach


Resources to use in your training

As part of the Personalised Learning through Coaching (PLC) module we produced a number of learning resources on the areas of coaching, adult learning, supporting change, reflection and professional competency. These can be used individually or as a complete module and can be adapted to suit, subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. You can find these resources here: Resources to use in your training.


Supporting your coaching team

Coaches need to practice to maintain their skills and should be provided with ongoing professional development opportunities and, where possible, coaching supervision. You can find more information about how to support your coaching team here: Supporting your coaches



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